Design Management

  1. Manage/assist in the production of the Contractors proposals, ensuring they are complete, unambiguous, and have been reviewed by relevant teams.
  2. Produce project specific Designer agreements using the company standard format (except where novation agreements already exist), scope of services and the Design Management Plan ensuring they are agreed and fully understood by all parties.
  3. Produce agree and manage, with all relevant parties, a realistic Design Programme and information required schedule to satisfy design, procurement and construction requirements.
  4. Ensure that all design deliverables are reviewed to establish they are within budget, are fully coordinated and are buildable.
  5. Review the design with respect to mitigating Health and Safety issues prior to construction.
  6. Agree that the project team are working to the Contractors Proposals.
  7. Control the design change management process.
  8. Organise and chair regular Design Team Meetings where required.
  9. Provide guidance to the team on design related issues.
  10. Manage the Design Consultants.



Manage or Assist the following documents:

  • Design Gap Analysis
  • Consultants Agreements
  • Prepare Design Responsibility Matrix
  • Prepare Information Requirement Schedule back to back with the procurement schedule
  • Fee Schedules
  • Design and Procurement Programmes

Example Design Responsibilty Matrix

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