Our Planners can carry out the following:

·         Tender or Contract Programmes

·         Resource and material scheduling

·         Critical path and float analysis

·         Progress monitoring, reporting and audits  

·         Change effect Programmes

·         Recovery and accelerated Programmes

·         Construction solutions and phasing plans

·         Site constraints and logistics plans.

With over 25 years combined programming experience we do not simply cascade outputs through a calculator. A true Programme, which is fully considered and co-ordinated with the projects objectives, saves time and therefore, money. We look to bring into every Programme new ideas and experience as well as fresh thinking. There often exists a solution to most problems, a good Planner will look for these solutions and opportunities to reduce time periods and de-risk the project.

We use standard programming software to prepare our programmes we will advise you on how to prepare for the relevant forms of contract and present labour and material schedules, crane and hoist usage analysis, and analysis on float and critical path

The Programme should always be accompanied by a Methodology and Logistics Plan which clearly interlaces the working methods with the Programme.


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