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Kathie Wordsworth

Kathie started Wordsworth Construction Services with Shaun and has described the role as by far the most challenging task she has undertaken but also enjoyable, enlightening, interesting and very rewarding from a personal perspective. 

Kathie's background is in nursing, so she was both excited and nervous to have a career change but has stated that:

"I needn’t have worried as working alongside Shaun, Rob and Phil and the rest of the team I can see how committed and passionate they are in their work, providing an outstanding service for clients, based upon years of knowledge and experience. They also bring trust and integrity to the business and have been very supportive to me in my role."

Kathie's role is to manage finance, HR and assist in company policies, bringing some of the skills acquired and developed whilst working in nursing to soften some of the hard edges of construction. More recently, Kathie's expeirence helped in draging and developing the company's COVID-19 response policies. 

Kathie continues to learn all the time about the world of construction and passionately believes in the product and services we offer to clients.


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